Jason Paredes

Lead Pastor

Jim Parks

Executive Pastor of Ministries

Jared Yates

Executive Pastor of Operations & Missions

Tony Avilés

Director of Campuses

Scott Jiles

Director of Digital Services

Reggie Scott

Lead Worship Pastor

Grand Prairie Campus

Tony Avilés

Campus Pastor

Nadia Jennett

Children's Pastor

Joshua Ward

Student Pastor

Daniel Rodriguez

Worship Leader

Pioneer Campus

Larry Dan Melton

Campus Pastor

Rafael Rondon

Spanish Associate Pastor

Yadira Molina

Preschool Pastor

Angela Douglas

Elementary Pastor

Tim Lester

Children's Pastor

Lezlie Lewis

Fielder Kids Administrative Assistant

Blake Anderson

Student Associate Pastor

Danielle Wiegman

Student Assistant

Reggie Scott

Worship Pastor

Gimena Monterrubio

Worship Leader

Jerry Morris

Senior Adult Pastor

South Oaks Campus

Matt Hunter

Campus Pastor

Tiffany Rupp

Children's Pastor

Wesley Hawthorne

Student Pastor

Kyle Jennings

Worship Pastor

Connie Lenz



Carlos Montoya

Community Groups Pastor

Miguel Faúndez

Discipleship Groups Pastor

Nichole Dumas

College Pastor

Marta Harrell

Discipleship Groups Assistant

Dorothy Stapleton

Executive Assistant to Discipleship


Richard McKay

Mobilization Pastor

Maddie Huang

Local Missions & Foster Care/Adoption Pastor

Becky Palacios

Executive Assistant to Operations & Missions

Lezlie Langford

Serve The City Coordinator

Connie Holland

Kids Hope Director

Carlos Teixeira

Missions Logistics Coordinator

Clyde Hodson

Prayer Mobilization Pastor

Angela Kwak

Send Resident

Lewis Hu

Send Resident

Stephanie Shewey

Send Resident

Dave Lee

Church Planting Resident


Julie Gilliland

Director of Finance & Human Resources

Matt Antkowiak

Director of Facilities & Security

Larry Stotler

Maintenance Manager

James Dolan

Facilities Associate

Becky Palacios

Executive Assistant to Operations & Missions

Bethany Rondon

Receptionist / Facilities Assistant

Pam Grau

Financial Clerk

Alicia Daniel

Financial Assistant

Digital Services

Marvin Schaefer

Computer System Analyst

Assis Silva

Computer System Analyst

Caleb Oquendo

Communications Associate

Julie Witcher

Production Assistant

Weekend Services

Brian Warthen

Music Director

Joel Caron

Director of Technical Arts

Don Erdmann

Technical Arts Associate

Shawna Tabaks

Executive Assistant to the Lead Pastor

Mary Wear

Special Events Coordinator

Brooke Cochrum


Mary Dollar


Early Childhood Center

Carol Culbertson


Amy Boullion