Clyde Hodson

Prayer Mobilization Pastor

Clyde was born and raised in Southern California.  He began growing in his life of faith during the Jesus People Movement in the 70’s.  Clyde and Mary Lynne have been married for 45 years.  They have three daughters who, in the grace of God, know and love Jesus.  They have six grandchildren, five living and one with Jesus.  They have lived in Texas for 28 years.

Clyde and Mary Lynne came to Fielder Church so their youngest daughter, Meagan, could attend a youth group with friends at her high school, Arlington High.  They have been apart of the body at Fielder Church for eighteen years.

Clyde was a pastor for twenty-five years.  In 2000, Jesus released Clyde from the pastorate and called him to pray for the nations.  In the past twenty-one years, Clyde has prayed for training events, taught on prayer and led mission teams on prayer journeys to unreached and unengaged people groups in 27 different nations.  Clyde has prayed for and worked with Fielder missionaries, church planters and missions expanders for the pass two years.  Jesus has given Clyde a grace to equip Christian leaders to pray, care for their souls and build prayer teams around them so they can fulfill God’s calling in their lives.

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