Send Residency

A 9-month program set in a vibrant, intentional learning environment, to grow residents as disciples who understand their role in participating in the expansion of the mission of God.

(Applications for the '23-'24 Send Residency are open through June 1, 2023)


We believe that it is our responsibility and privilege to train up leaders who will be sent out to expand the mission of God in other places as missionaries, church planters, mobilizers, and church planting teams.  An ideal candidate is one who is experiencing a call to devote their lives to the mission of God and has a desire to learn and grow from a gospel-centered, multi-ethnic, missional sending, multiplying church. Fielder Church pastors and staff will invest in these future mission expanders by equipping them through learning cohorts, hands-on ministry, leadership development, and missional experience.

About Fielder Church

At Fielder Church, we adopted the simple statement, “We are a people who inhale and exhale the gospel and make disciples who do the same.” This reminds us that believing and loving Christ does not lead us to complacent lives of basking in that love, but instead fuels us to take action to serve and make Jesus known. Somewhere between the book of Acts and the modern church, there was a disconnect where churches lost the vision for raising up their people to become the army it requires to reach the world. This burdened our church to create a systematic process of mobilization to make sure that our church body had a process to be what we call, “Send Ready.” We want this sending DNA to be reflected in all areas of our body which is why we see the value in our residents serving in various areas of the church staff.


Send Residents will be considered Fielder Staff with a less than 30-hour work week. Approximately half of residents’ time (12 hours per week) will be focused on serving in a ministry area. Applicants will have an opportunity to choose one of the following ministry areas: Children, Students, College, Missions, Discipleship, Worship, or Communications to gain hands-on experience. In the application, residents will specify if there is a particular area of interest or if there are certain skills that are helpful in a ministry area. The other half of the residents’ time will be split into 4 categories.

Meeting as a group for learning and mentorship

  • The residents will meet weekly to go over required readings and have group learning opportunities. This Cohort style learning environment will allow residents to engage in different areas and contexts of ministry, discipleship, strategy, and implementation.
  • Residents will meet twice a month to learn from a pastor on predetermined topics to cover pastoral leadership, hermeneutics, cross-cultural engagement, missiology, conflict management, strategic outreach, etc.
  • Through a partnership with some seminaries, students can receive seminary credit for their residency.

Engaging the local community

  • Residents will spend time developing and implementing opportunities to engage the community, testing church planting models, and strategically prayer walking areas of the city.

Coordinating and serving at outreach and mobilization events

  • The residents will be asked from time to time to be all-hands-on-deck for events such as Serve the City, Back to School Kickoff, camps, reach weekends, student mission trips, church planter learning weekends, and gatherings for other potential mission expanders.

Serving on Sunday mornings

  • We want our residents to have an opportunity to serve the church in various ways on Sunday morning. There are a variety of roles where residents can learn from staff and volunteers what it takes to build a worship experience.

We think it is important for the church to financially invest in these individuals. We have created a stipend that is available for participants to receive. In addition to that, we will create an opportunity for residents to raise additional funds.

  • Behind the scenes look at church leadership, church planting, ministry leading, and mobilization.
  • Intentional learning with other potential church planters and missionaries.
  • Investment from various staff and leaders into the life and ministry of missionary or planter.
  • Freedom to cast vision, recruit, and fundraise within the Fielder Church body.
  • Commissioned and sent by Fielder Church which includes ongoing care, support, and coaching.
  • An opportunity to invest in various areas of our body to multiple “send-ready” leaders.
  • An opportunity to strategize as local missionaries who map, prayer walk, and engage our community.
Program Qualifications
  • Applications are open to men or women who have felt a strong call or desire to be a part of gospel expansion either in the city, nation, or cross-culturally
  • A mature, growing Christian, not a new/young believer with strong gospel-centered orientation in theology and life.
  • An openness to learning and growing in cultural awareness and education.
  • Applicants who are not comfortable with a bilingual, multi-ethnic setting, need not apply.
  • A humble, teachable spirit and desire to learn and grow.
  • A self-starter willing to work intensely for extended periods of time.
  • In agreeance with Fielder Church’s basic statement of faith.
  • A willingness to become a covenant member of Fielder Church.
Suggested Timeline
  • Applications available: April 2023
  • Deadline to apply: June 1st, 2023
  • Interviews with applicants: The week of June 19th, 2023
  • Residents selected by: June 30th , 2023
  • Residency runs: August 2023 – May 2024

Current Residents

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Ashley Lopez

Send Resident

Chao Tsuma

Send Resident

Joochan Kim

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Merry Chun

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Shaina Rios

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Todd Lacy

Send Resident

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the send residency, Angela Kwak, our Associate Mobilization Pastor, would be happy to connect with you!