Social Media

From Social Media to Social Ministry

What if we could turn Facebook followers into followers of Jesus and YouTube subscribers into people sent out to share the gospel of Jesus? What if we could leverage online connections to build community and relationships, and what if someone’s first step in getting to know Jesus only took a simple click from you?

Our Story

At the beginning of 2020, we faced a pandemic that changed how we engage as the church every day. Through the pandemic, we realized that there was a tremendous opportunity to reach people with the Gospel. Thanks to the radical generosity of our church, we are able to provide a live cast experience for people to tune into and hear the good news of Jesus.

As people from across the US and the world tune in, we are engaging them, starting relationships, and building community, leveraging social media and shifting it toward social ministry.

God is using Fielder Church to reach the world through digital ministry. Be part of what God is doing by liking and sharing our videos and content.

Our Strategy

We want to help people get one step closer to Jesus.

Whether it’s subscribing to our YouTube channel or sharing one of our Reels, every step matters. From the uninterested to the disciple maker, our content is created to help people in every stage and walk of life get to know the truth, beauty, and wonder of Jesus.

We create short-form content to reach the unreached, medium-form content for the spiritually-curious and new believer, and long-form content to enrich and encourage the disciple to make more disciples.


FielderVR is the metaverse expression of Fielder Church in AltspaceVR.

What began as an experimental event in AltspaceVR has now become a weekly gathering of people from all across the world to make friends. People of different cultures, ages, and walks of life come together for a FielderVR hosted event each week to make a friend, and as friendships are developed and people are being prayer for, we are expectant to see a move of God and for the Gospel to take root.

Join us every Thursday at 1:30 pm CST for the “Make a Friend in VR | FielderVR” event in AltspaceVR!

Join our team!

Are you interested in social media? Do you have a passion for seeing life change through our digital platforms? Have you considered virtual reality and the metaverse?

We want you to join us as we make an impact in the digital space. Let us know which one you're interested in!

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