Chris Surigao

Worship Leader

Christian is a native to California, and along with his wife Melissa, and two children Penelope and Caspian, moved to Texas in March of 2022. Christian is the son of a Pastor, and like many PK’s, was born into ministry. He started out playing the drums at 9 years old and continued serving as the drummer of the church his father pastored for 10 years until he heard the calling to lead worship. Christian took on the role of the main worship leader in 2010 and served faithfully until 2022. After he and his family moved to Texas, he took some time off of serving and decided to join Fielder Church since his brother, Zer Surigao, was on staff.
After becoming members of the church, Christian began volunteering on the worship team and continued to serve. An opportunity came to be able to join the staff and he now is the interim worship leader at the South Oaks Campus!
Christian enjoys spending time with his family, making friends and writing/producing music in his spare time.
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