We give and go to exhale the gospel as we serve, relieve, and plant.


We invest so we can send. Since God has given so radically to us, our only response is to give radically to Gospel opportunities all around the world.

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Local Missions

God has intentionally placed us in this city for the purpose of exhaling the gospel in our community through loving service and partnering with gospel-centered ministries.

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We send people around the world to exhale the gospel and come alongside our church-planting partners.

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Foster Care & Adoption

We are here to lead, shepherd and equip families to exhale the gospel by relieving children through foster care & adoption.

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Church Planting

We are convinced the most effective way to expand the kingdom of God is by taking the church to people.

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Send Residency

A 9-month program set in a vibrant, intentional learning environment, to grow residents as disciples who understand their role in participating in the expansion of the mission of God.

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Prayer moves the heart of God and reminds us of our dependence on Him. There are several opportunities to join us in praying as a church - through a prayer initiative, our weekly prayer gathering, or on the yearly fasting retreat.

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Missions Team

Jared Yates

Executive Pastor of Operations

Richard M.

Lead Missions Pastor

Danielle Wiegman

Mobilization Associate

Connie Holland

Kids Hope Director

Clyde Hodson

Prayer Mobilization Pastor

Erin Benton

Foster Care & Adoption Pastor

Amanda McNulty

Local Missions Director

Molly Inskeep

Ministry Assistant