Marvin Schaefer

Discipleship Pastor

I was born and raised in a tiny village community of 350 people in Germany. The trajectory of my life changed completely when I decided to follow Jesus as a teenager. I started working in IT when I was 16 before becoming a missionary with Operation Mobilization ( This journey took me to more than 15 countries in an eight-year time frame.

In one of those places, England, I met my beautiful wife, Meagan (originally from Arlington, TX). We got married about 20 months later. God surprised us with a miracle baby in our first year of marriage, our daughter, Vida. In 2015, we moved from England to Germany where we continued our mission work. In 2018, our son Eli was born. While living in Germany, I went to Bible College and worked as a Youth Pastor. In 2020 we followed God’s call for us to move to Texas to be part of Fielder.

I love spending time with my family, hiking, video, and board games, learning about other cultures, and soccer! Apart from working in Discipleship for Fielder, our Family is invested in the Jungle (Young Adults/College Ministry at Fielder).

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