Jason Paredes

Lead Pastor

I’m just a slacker from Oak Cliff who is trying to be conformed day by day into the image of Jesus Christ. It has taken a lot of schooling (some of it was far too expensive), an intense amount of love from those around me, and a two-year journey to Buenos Aires, Argentina to get me where I am today. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife Virginia since 2001, and trust me, it’s a miracle she has put up with me for that long! We have five incredible daughters who aren’t allowed to date until they are 42 and a son who brings some much-needed balance to the girl power in our house.

I came to Fielder in 2005, doe-eyed and green, and this church has trained me well. In August of 2016, I was humbled to assume the role of Lead Pastor of the church, a role I hope to fill for the next 30 years!

Here’s one thing I can tell you. God is doing marvelous things in our church and I’m a testament to the truth that God has a habit of blessing and using the stupid. That is worth celebrating!

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