Jim Parks

Executive Pastor of Ministries

We’re loving this phase of life right now. My wife, Elizabeth, and I have 2 high school kids and one in college. We look forward to spending time with them by going camping in our pop-up camper, seeing them in their different school activities and just hanging out together. I especially enjoy going out into our back yard by the pool, listening to some Disney park music and pretending that we’re on a mini vacation. My heroes in life are Dr. Gary Smith (who helped raise me in ministry) and my dad.

I have my dream job here at Fielder. I get to work with incredible volunteers and staff that love making disciples of Jesus Christ. It’s one step at a time discovering where people are on their journey and helping them move one step closer to Christ. We have been at Fielder for many years and I’m more excited about the ministry and vision of our church than ever before. Every week is a new experience of encountering Christ and seeing how He will change my life and our community’s life to be more like Him.

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