Fielder Early Childhood Center

Fielder ECC is a learning center for children 20 months-kindergarten. We provide a developmentally appropriate program that is fun and challenging to young children. All ages experience math, science, physical education, art, music, dramatic play and literacy through books and stories. Children have chapel once a week with Bible stories and songs. Our PreK 4 program introduces letters, sounds and writing skills. Then in kindergarten we add a strong emphasis in reading, writing and math. However, the importance of play and having a good time are at the heart of all teaching at Fielder.

For more information regarding enrollment, call 817.459.8528.

Fielder ECC Employment Opportunities

Fielder Early Childhood Center is looking for energetic, enthusiastic preschool teachers that love Jesus and find joy in helping young children grow through play and exploration. Our employees devote time to planning curriculum that is age appropriate and child centered. We emphasis Bible truths in all our activities throughout the day. We set an example to our students by being prepared, organized, and on time each day for school. Showing God’s love to our preschoolers is a high priority to each teacher. We are patient and accepting of each child no matter what their background or academic abilities.

If you would like to be a part of an awesome team of preschool educators making a difference in the world one child at a time, please contact Lydia Pinero at or call our office at 817-459-8528.

To give us a picture of your preschool expertise, we ask that you bring your favorite preschool book to share in your interview along with a preschool song.

We look forward to meeting you and we are hoping you are a good fit for our preschool ministry at Fielder.


The Core Program: Spiritual Development
Spiritual concepts are used in daily instruction and are tailored to individual age groups through Bible stories, songs, scriptures and chapel.

Sequential Learning
The curriculum itself is sequential and the concepts, motor skills, pre-reading, and pre-math skills are taught according to the age and ability of the child. Each level of instruction is based on thematic units which incorporate the appropriate developmental stages of growth. The units begin with the focus being on the child himself and then expand to his family, his immediate environment, the community, and the world around him.

The music program provides instruction for all ages and focuses on rhythm, listening, musical expression through song, instruments and dance, as well as positive self-concept development. Varying age groups present musical programs throughout the year to parents and family.

Physical Education
Fine and gross motor skills are two of the areas emphasized by the physical education program. Activities are age appropriate and target developmental milestones such as hopping on one foot, skipping, balancing and tumbling. The primary emphasis of this program is to increase the self-esteem of each child through the growth of his physical development.

On-Campus Field Trips
Each month the ECC sponsors an on-campus field trip where visitors come to share with the children, such as Firemen and Police Officers, story tellers, and a variety of animal handlers. Each field trip coordinates with the thematic units and curriculum of sciences, social studies and language arts.

Toddlers (18 months – 2 years old)
The toddler curriculum is comprised of the core program and uses the Weekday Early Education Curriculum Guide.

Preschool (3-year-olds)
The preschool curriculum is comprised of the core program and uses the Weekday Early Education Curriculum Guide, along with Frog Street Press Curriculum.

Teachers of the preschoolers also work with the children on sharing, taking turns, cleaning up after themselves, and being responsible.

Pre-Kindergarten (4-year-olds)
The pre-kindergarten curriculum is comprised of the core program and uses the Weekday Early Education Curriculum Guide, Frog Street Press Curriculum along with Alphabet Letters and Sounds.

Pre-kindergarteners also participate in science and math centers. Teachers work with the children on sharing, taking turns, cleaning up after themselves and being responsible.

The kindergarten program prepares the children to read and to continue to grown in science and math skills. The curriculum is comprised of the core program as well as the science lab. The kindergarten classes use Scholastic Literacy Place, Math Made Fun Curriculum, and Bible Lessons for Little Learners.  The curriculum is enhanced by off campus field trips to River Legacy, Lowes Farm, and Fort Worth Zoo.

School Calendar

August 21st 
First Semester Begins

September 2nd 
Labor Day (No School)

October 14th
Fall Holiday (No School)

November 4th & 5th
AISD District Holiday (No School)

November 25th – 29th
Thanksgiving Break (No School)

December 19th – January 7th
Christmas Break (No School)

January 8th
Second Semester Begins

January 20th
Martin Luther King (No School)

February 10th
2025 -2026 Enrollment Begins for Returning Families and Church Members

February 17th
President’s Day (No School)

February 24th
2025 – 2026 Enrollment Opens to the Public

March 10th – 14th
Spring Break (No School)

April 18th
Good Friday (No School)

May 16th
Last Day of Classes

May 19th
Summer Break Begins

The ECC observes most Arlington Independent School District holidays.

Weather Delays and Closings

If Arlington ISD schools close, we will also close. If Arlington opens late, we will open at 10:30 am.  A message will be sent out through your parent portal.

Meet Our Team

Lydia Piñero

ECC Director

Amy Boullion