Mirthala Lowe

Pioneer Campus Ministry Assistant

Mirthala was born in the city of Monterrey – Mexico. She was born and raised in a Christian Methodist family of 9 children (she is number 8 among those children).  She is married to Andrew Lowe, has 3 children of her own, 2 stepsons and 3 grandsons.

She completed all her education in her hometown where she obtained her degree as a Bilingual Executive Administrative Assistant. As she grew up, she became more and more involved in different ministries at her home church such as: Sunday school teacher, member of the choir and worship group, missions group and youth leader.

After facing very difficult times in January of 1999, she and her family emigrated to the United States. A couple of years later, she was called and invited by the local church she and her family were attending, to work for an organization called Project Transformation where she became a community minister. After almost three years working there, Mirthala dedicated her life between raising and taking care of her family, and working very hard in different companies as an admin assistant. In her heart though, there was a constant desire to work for, and serve her Lord and Savior. After years of praying to God for a job like that, He answered her prayers, opening the doors at Fielder Church! She feels very grateful for this new beginning in her life, and her main purpose is to show and share God’s love in everything she does and says, inside and outside Fielder Church.

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