Danielle Wiegman

Mobilization Associate

Danielle was raised in Arlington, Texas majority of her life and was brought up in church. She accepted Christ at a young age but didn’t fully surrender her life to the Lord until her first semester in college where God convicted her of the way she was living, and she decided to start living for the King through a personal relationship with him. Danielle and her family started coming to Fielder in Spring of 2011 and fell in love with our church. They also became part of the launch team for Grand Prairie Campus to help with the Spanish speaking community. Danielle was encouraged by her father to go on a Fielder mission trip in 2013 and ever since she’s been on at least one mission trip a year. God started to work in Danielle’s heart and used that to call her to move overseas for two years to work with a non-profit at an English center. She is back now working on staff and is excited to use her gifts to live on mission right where she is in our city!

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