Welcome to Discipleship Groups at Fielder Church

Welcome to the movement of 10,000 people that make disciples.

What Is A Discipleship Group (D-Group)?

It is a committed, closed group (3-5 people) who meet regularly to learn how to live a life that follows Jesus' example and makes disciples who make disciples.

At Fielder Church we believe that discipleship is not just another program, but a lifestyle. In each D-Group you will experience Active Learning, High Accountability, and Disciple Multiplication.

We use the Discipleship Cycle to help people along the journey of discipleship. Check out the graphic below to learn more!

Where are you at in your discipleship journey? (English Quiz)

If you are not sure where to start, you can take this quick quiz to find out where a good spot to begin your journey could be.

Please note that this is just a suggestion and not an exact science. Use this as a tool to help you make your decision, not as an assessment that you have to obey.

What Are The Types Of Discipleship Curriculum?

Potential Disciple Curriculum

Help those in your life who don't know Jesus come to an understanding of who He is and what it means to follow Him.

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New Disciple Curriculum

Find curriculum to help new disciples in Jesus establish a solid foundation of abiding in Jesus through His word and prayer.

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Growing Disciple Curriculum

Equip the growing disciples in your life to participate in fellowship with other believers and share their faith with non-believers.

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Multiplying Disciple Curriculum

Prepare those that you have been shepherding to be sent by teaching them how to minister to others and make disciples.

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Find Accountability Questions Here!

Are you struggling with figuring out what to ask during the "accountability" portion of your D-Group? Click the button below to find a list of recommended questions that will help your disciples process how they could walk in more obedience to Christ!

Meet Our Team!

Marvin Schaefer

Discipleship Pastor

Chance Coleman

Discipleship Associate Pastor

Dorothy Stapleton

Executive Assistant