Welcome to the movement of 10,000 people that make disciples.

What Is A Discipleship Group (D-Group)?

It is a committed, closed group (3-5 people) who meet regularly to learn how to live a life that follows Jesus' example and makes disciples who make disciples.

What Are The Types Of D-Groups?

FDG - Foundation

In Foundation, you will explore the basics of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. You will learn how the gospel can have a comprehensive impact on your life and the people around you.

5-6 Months

GDG - Growth

In Growth, you will delve deeper into the implications of being a disciple of Jesus. You will learn how to study the Bible for yourself and incorporate these truths into your daily life.

11-12 Months

LDG - Leadership

In Leadership, you will be challenged to use your gifts and abilities in leadership at Fielder Church. It will equip you to embody the gospel and model it in a practical way to others

11-12 Months

Accountability Questions

Use this document as a tool to help guide your time of accountability with your group!

What To Expect

At Fielder Church we believe that discipleship is not just another program, but a lifestyle. In each D-Group you will experience Active Learning, High Accountability, Disciple Multiplication

By 2026, Fielder Church has the vision to have 10,000 people involved in D-Groups. Join the movement NOW!

Meet Our Team!

Chance Coleman

Discipleship Associate Pastor

Dorothy Stapleton

Executive Assistant