Adopting a child can be a challenging and emotional journey. It involves a significant amount of waiting, uncertainty, and trust in the process. It is essential to have faith and trust in God’s plan and seek His guidance and comfort through prayer and fasting.

6 ways to pray and fast through the adoption process:


1. Begin by Praying for Guidance

The first step in any adoption journey should be to seek God’s guidance through prayer. Ask Him to lead you to the right agency to help you navigate the complex legal and emotional aspects of adoption, and to prepare your heart for the process.

2. Pray for the Birth Family

Remember that the birth family is going through a challenging and emotional process as well. Pray for them to have peace, comfort, and clarity as they make the difficult decision to place her child for adoption. Pray that they will find support and resources to help her through this process

3. Pray for the Child

Pray for the child’s safety, health, and well-being. Pray that he or she will be placed with the right family, who will provide a loving and nurturing home. Pray for God’s hand to be on the child’s life and that he or she will grow up to know and love Him.

4. Pray for the Adoptive Family

Pray for yourself and your family as you prepare to welcome a new child into your home. Ask God to give you the strength, patience, and wisdom you need to navigate the adoption process. Pray for your child’s transition into your family and for your family to bond and grow together.

5. Consider Fasting

Fasting is a spiritual discipline that involves abstaining from food or other physical pleasures for a period of time to focus on prayer and seek God’s guidance. Consider fasting for a day or a meal, or abstaining from something you enjoy, such as social media or television, to focus on prayer during the adoption process.

6. Seek Support from a Prayer Group or Church

Consider joining a prayer group or finding support from your church community during the adoption process. Praying with others who have gone through or are currently going through the adoption process can provide encouragement, strength, and comfort.

The adoption process can be a challenging and emotional journey, but seeking God’s guidance through prayer and fasting can provide comfort, strength, and wisdom. Remember to pray for guidance, the birth mother, the child, the adoptive family, and to seek support from others in your church community.