Foster Care & Adoption

Fielder Foster Care & Adoption

At Fielder Church, the Lead Pastor Jason Paredes rolled out a 10-year vision in 2016 with 14-vision goals that drive all our ministry efforts. One of those vision goals is that in the year 2026, more than 1,000 children will have been adopted or foster-parented through our church.

The Fielder Foster Care & Adoption Ministry exists to lead, shepherd, and equip our members to exhale the gospel by relieving children through foster care & adoption.

As followers of Christ, we’re compelled by the gospel to pursue and care for the orphan and vulnerable children here in our city and around the world. We want to help families walk in obedience to what the Lord has called them to step into.

We are here to help support you on this amazing journey! Always feel free to reach out if there are ways we can serve &  support you.


We would love to pray for you.