7th - 12th Graders

Fielder Students

We invest in this generation to inhale the personal message of the gospel, exhale the gospel to the world, and make disciples who are send ready.
We offer a wide range of opportunities for 7th-12th graders to get involved and make some new friends. Students meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights where they can participate in vibrant worship, hang out and experience life together. We are committed to meeting the individual needs of each student while encouraging them to grow intellectually and spiritually through Bible study and Christ-centered relationships. We offer weekly activities for students of all ages, summer camps, mission trips, conferences, and innovative, creative Gospel teaching.

Times and Locations

Sunday Morning - Student Gatherings

Sunday morning is our largest gathering of students each week, but it also creates a unique opportunity for students to belong through a smaller discussion group led by an adult leader. Every Sunday Morning you can count on hearing the truth of the Gospel from a Student Pastor, and also experience a genuine, Godly, and encouraging community in age and gender-specific groups!

Pioneer Campus


9:30 AM Student Building

Grand Prarie Campus


11:00 AM Multi-Purpose Room

South Oaks Campus


9:30 AM Gym

Wednesday Evenings - ZOE

Our time together on Wednesday nights is spent at ZOE! While the rest of the church congregation is meeting for our Campus Prayer Gatherings, our students will be gathering for a weekly gathering that we call ZOE! This is the Greek word for life. The life that we see in the Bible that Jesus offers is this ZOE life, life abundantly and to the fullest in Christ Jesus! This is what we want to embody on Wednesday nights. We will play games and have fun that helps us connect, we will spend time in worship, there will be Biblical teaching, and time for prayer and reflection as we learn what ZOE Life is like in knowing Jesus! Come and experience life with us!

Pioneer Campus


6:30 pm - 8:00pm Student Building

Grand Prairie Campus


6:30 pm - 8:00pm Multi-Purpose Room

South Oaks Campus


6:30 pm - 8:00pm Gym

Meet Our Team!

Daylon Payne

Pioneer Campus Associate Student Pastor

Yira Rivera Navarro

Student Worship Leader

Anna Cook

Student Ministry Assistant

David Olejnik

SOC Student Associate

Ruth Zavala

Girls Student Associate

Theo Lopez

GPC Student Associate

Natalie Noonan

Student Ministry Assistant

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