Story of Fielder

It Started In 1957...

A farmer who owned the land on the corner of Fielder Road and Highway 303 had a dream.  In his dream there was a church on the corner, the lights were on and the sound of songs eminated from within.  Soon, that vision would become a reality, and the people of Fielder Road Baptist Church would build that building on the corner.  Half a century later, Arlington has changed, and so has the church.

The city has grown… so has Fielder Church.  Though the roofline for the original building crafted by the hands of it’s founders can still be seen, Fielder Church now worships in six different venues in central and southwest Arlington and Grand Prairie.

The culture of the city has changed… so has the culture of Fielder church.  Striving to reflect the rich diversity of Arlington, Fielder takes great joy in being the church of many ethnicities and generations. Fielder offers a variety of worship styles in English and Spanish supporting the church’s belief that when we celebrate our differences, we make room for different opinions, ideas and methods.  We believe everyone is unique and that we need everyone to make a Kingdom difference.

The city has modernized… so has Fielder Church.  While celebrating the rich history of it’s roots, the church embraces a myriad of techniques and technologies that are useful in impacting today’s families.

Some things; however, never change.  At our core is the belief that Jesus Christ is the only hope of meaningful life change, not only for Arlington, but for the world.  As much as buildings and technologies are useful tools, it’s still people that matter to God… and Fielder Church still wants to be about the things that matter to God.