Stephen Wells

Send Resident

Stephen grew up in the great state of South Carolina (SC) with a passion for getting to know people and understanding what makes them who they are. He attended Clemson University in SC where he studied Psychology and Religious Studies in a secular environment. God used this time to teach Stephen so much about the truth of his word and what it means to give him lordship of his life.

Stephen spent his summers serving with CentriKid Camps, and after graduating in December 2019, he moved to Nashville to work for Lifeway Christian Resources on the CentriKid Camps team. During his time with CentriKid, Stephen served in a variety of roles like Store Manager and Camp Director. This allowed him to learn skills he never thought he would need, like how to free a vehicle stuck in a swamp, and the most efficient way to fill a thousand water balloons.

God had other plans for Stephen’s life, however, and after losing his job due to COVID, He led him to Fort Worth, Texas to pursue his Master’s of Divinity at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In this time, the LORD has grown in Stephen a passion for missions and revealed a calling to serve overseas. As a SEND Resident, he is excited to be challenged and prepared to answer this call, wherever God may lead.

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