Go for a gap year or to school to partner with this collegiate church planting movement. 

Amongst the rolling hills of the Palouse, God was moving in the hearts of college students at Washington State University. A gathering of 5 people grew to 50. The ask presented at the end of each sounded like this; “If what we’re talking about resonates with you, please stick around”. As time went on and more and more students were beginning to experience Jesus, community began to grow and has ever since.


God has moved in the hearts of students to join the mission that God has for Resonate Church; be disciples who make disciples in order to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. From one site at WSU in 2007 to now 12 different sites across the Pacific Northwest and Canada, God has moved and worked in the hearts of families and students to grow closer to him and live for His mission. It’s exciting to see God move in such a tangible way and we are expectant of what is to come. We’re grateful for what God has done, but we press on knowing there is still much work to do.

Resonate Church exists to connect the Gospel to people, people to community, and community to mission. Our vision is to become an urgent, multiplying, collegiate church planting movement planting 21 churches by the year 2021.

Resonate Church has planted sites on the campuses of Washington State University, University of Idaho, Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, University of Oregon, Western Oregon University, Boise State University, Idaho State University, University of Montana, Montana State University, University of Oregon, University of Lethbridge, Western Washington University & Washington University.

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