Madi Camp

Send Resident

Madi grew up in Arlington Texas. She grew up in a Christ-centered home with two loving parents who actively reflected the gospel in and outside of her home. Both of her parents are currently in full-time vocational ministry, and have been her whole life. From the time she could remember, she felt as if Jesus was all around her but not living inside of her. She had yet to experience the transforming power of Jesus and what he did on the cross for her like she had heard her father preach every week. It wasn’t until she was a freshman in high school that the Spirit of God revealed how truly broken she was. She then began to understand and believe that the true power of the Gospel is what she needed to place her trust in.

From that moment, Madi’s passion for sharing the Gospel grew and the Lord began to reveal to her the call to ministry on her life. Madi has a deep passion for outreach and contextualizing the Gospel to people in her local community. She had the opportunity of serving at a local church in Midlothian, Texas for two years, as well as serve as a Camp Counselor at Kids Across America Camp. Madi is currently studying at Texas Baptist College in Fort Worth, Texas where she is being trained and equipped for ministry. Her desire is to be a faithful and obedient servant of the Lord no matter the cost. She is excited and eager to witness the Lord move in her life as she enters this season as a Send Resident at Fielder Church! If you ever want to find Madi she’s probably at a coffee shop in Fort Worth reading or chatting with a friend!

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