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The pastor and his wife both came to faith in 2000 in different cities of Central Asia, both from a Muslim background. They got married in 2006, and they now have two children. Their mission is to boldly share the gospel, plant churches, disciple national Christians and turn the ministry over to those new believers.

In 2008, they created a website and radio station that allow people who speak the language to hear the gospel, watch videos that answer commonly asked questions, hear testimonies of believers and listen to hundreds of hymns available for download. Those media also offer a way for people to find a local church near them. In 2009, the pastor was invited to head up a church that had been established for 10 years. Since 2009, they have seen more than 25 people come to faith in this church and attend on a regular basis. They regularly host evangelistic events and use music and dramas to share the gospel. Right now, they are preparing to plant two more churches in neighboring cities.

Pray for this Church Plant

  • Safety from persecution.
  • God would raise up pastors for these churches.
  • A suitable property to become available for these churches.
  • Many people would come to faith and this country would be transformed by the power of the Gospel.
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