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This is a church plant and refugee mission house that ministers to Venezuelans fleeing their country.

Through the radical generosity of our church, this refugee house and local church has been taking meals sharing the gospel with thousands of refugees traveling through the mountains seeking refuge in other countries.
Venezuela is a nation swiftly plummeting to collapse. Hyperinflation continues to keep the cost of food out of reach of the majority of the population; very little medical care is available in the country; schools are closed, and violent crimes are more prevalent each day.
The Venezuelan Migrant Crisis is overwhelming the resources of Cúcuta, Colombia, the largest border crossing from Venezuela into Colombia. Fielder Church in partnership with the Venezuelan Baptist Convention and Primera Iglesia Bautista de Cúcuta has established a program to safely receive, document, treat the most vulnerable population of Venezuelan migrants as they make their way to other cities across Colombia by offering food, shelter, medical care, showers, and the hope of the Gospel.
Fielder will be working with local churches and NGOs to establish a network of social services that could consist of vocational training, housing, feeding programs, recreation programs, drug prevention and counselling services to help the newly arrived migrants integrate into the community or safely move throughout Colombia. Periodic medical mission teams organized through Fielder Church would visit the Casa for additional medical treatment as well. Overall, Fielder Church believes that empowering the local network of Colombian churches and other organizations will provide a holistic response to the Venezuelan migrant crisis.
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