Becky Palacios

Executive Assistant

Becky was born and raised in east Texas, in Sulphur Springs. She was raised by her amazing mother who fears and loves God above all else. Her mother raised her and her 2 older sisters by herself and always credited the Lord as the one who pulled them forward. Although Becky was raised in the church and even served in many capacities, she never knew the Lord. 

Becky moved to Dallas in 2013 to begin her studies at Dallas Baptist University. She finally met and gave her life over to the Lord in 2019. She graduated with her Masters in Communications and was excited to move forward in the corporate world. With her degree in communications and marketing, and her work history in finance she expected corporate in her future. However, the Lord had much better and bigger plans.  

Flash forward to today where Becky serves as the Executive Assistant to Pastor Jason along with Pastor Jared and the Operations team. The doors that were opened and the relationships that have developed she can only accredit to the Lord and His kindness and gentle will for her life. She is passionate about media and really enjoys making order out of chaos (which can at times feel like the definition of her work).  

Becky loves the vision of Fielder and the call to diversity (which as a woman and a person of color was difficult to find), the ministry of Foster Care and Adoption (since she also grew up fatherless), the emphasis of community and discipleship (which has strengthened and sharpened her in ways that would not be possible in isolation), and the call to align your dreams and desires of your heart with the Lord and be sent (which has proven to be more worthwhile than anything she could imagine for myself). 

Becky hopes to see you at one of the campuses or at an event! Join our online services and listen to our podcast if you aren’t close. We all need the Lord and the community He graciously offers. 

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