Mission Scholarship

Scholarship Information

When we participate in mission trips, whether for a week, a month or a year, we add fuel to the gospel transformation work in other parts of the world.  Therefore, we want to make it possible for anyone to participate in a mission trip.  Since 2016, $475,000 has been used for mission trip scholarships. Through the radical generosity of our body, we’re able to scholarship in the following ways:

Short-Term Trip Scholarships

For any Fielder adult member, we will provide a 25% scholarship toward your mission trip. For Fielder children and students (first grade – college undergrad), we will provide a 50% scholarship toward your mission trip. These scholarships will be automatically applied to any Fielder Church sponsored mission trip, no need to apply.

Mid-Term Scholarships

For Fielder members who participate in a Mid-Term opportunity (2-12 months), we will provide a 25% scholarship of total expected costs up to $5,000.

Long-Term Scholarships

For Fielder members that we send out as long-term missionaries (1 year or more), ministry support will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. This could include ongoing ministry support, moving expenses, graphic or media expenses, etc.

Although short and midterm work is effective, the strongest impact one could make on a culture is by truly immersing oneself in the culture for a year or more. Get started by filling out the self-assessment HERE or connecting with our Mobilization Pastor, Richard McKay (rmckay@fielder.org)


Examples of Long-Term Opportunities:

  • Go to college to be a part of a strategic church plant
  • Go internationally for 2 years or longer
  • Join a Fielder church plant either nationally or internationally by finding a strategic job as a platform
  • Teach English to a people group that has little to no access to the gospel.