Arlington was identified as the 8th most diverse city in the nation. Every day our community is welcoming more and more internationals from every nation, tribe, people, and language (Revelation 7:9). In the past, our mission trips have prepared participants just to go to other nations. What if the nations were already coming to us?

Reach Weekend on August 27-28, 2022 will be an exciting opportunity to get to know and understand our Hindu neighbors. We will be hearing from speakers who will share their testimonies and provide training on how to even start a conversation with a Hindu as well as learning about gospel bridges and intentional strategies that we can use as a church to reach the Hindu community around us.

The weekend will also include an opportunity to test out and try these methods we’ve learned in an outreach event with a community outreach partner serving international students. During the weekend you will experience different types of international foods, have an opportunity to ask hard questions, learn how to share the Gospel with Hindu , learn about different customs and traditions in the Hindu context, learn how to find and intentionally pursue relationships with internationals of Hindu background, host a major outreach event with a partnering organization, and walk away with a deeper understanding of the Gospel.

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Cost: The Mobilization team will be covering the cost of the weekend which normally would be $50/person to cover food, experiences, and program costs. When you register you will notice that you will have an opportunity to either raise or donate toward the trip cost. Please consider giving what God leads you to donate toward the trip

August 27: Training, 9am-3pm
• Coffee and Snacks
• Speaker
• Lunch
• Prayer

August 28: Big Howdy, 5pm-9pm
• Setup
• Tabling and Interactions
• Dinner
• Dance