It’s time to nominate church members for oversight committees and deacons!

Nomination Form

At Fielder Church we have several committees that meet regularly to support ministry & operations of our church. You can learn more about the committees and nominate someone below. You can nominate a church member to be a deacon or on the Pastor’s Advisory Council, Personnel Committee, or Trustee Committee. The nomination period will start on Sunday January 15th, and the last day to receive nominations will be Sunday, January 29th.


• Assist the pastoral staff in shepherding and caring for the church.
• Assist the pastoral staff in ministry to widows and those in hospitals.
• Assist the pastoral staff in worship service counseling and communion.
• Serve as spiritual leaders and prayer support for the congregation.

Pastor’s Advisory Council
• Provide support and accountability for the Lead Pastor.
• Serve in an advisory capacity to the Lead Pastor.
• Facilitate communication between the Lead Pastor and church membership.

Personnel Committee
• Develop and oversee HR procedures and policies.
• Work with staff Leadership Team to develop the annual personnel budget.
• Approve new staff positions and job descriptions.

• Work with ministry staff to develop and recommend the annual church budget.
• Review monthly financial reports, annual church audit and other financial matters.
• Administer the Brown Scholarship Fund.
• Make financial recommendations to the church body.
• Present bylaw revisions to the church body for approval.