During the month of May, we will be diving into what God’s Word says about community, discipleship & how it can change your life when you choose to step into it.

The role of the shepherd from the Christian perspective is one that is grounded in love and care. It requires selflessness and devotion, as well as a deep knowledge of the needs of the flock. The shepherd is responsible for protecting, nourishing, and guiding the sheep, and is willing to go to great lengths to bring the lost back into the fold. As Christians, we are called to embody these same qualities in our relationships with others, knowing that we too have been entrusted with the care of God’s precious flock. 

Jesus calls himself our Good Shepherd. And as the Church, He’s calling us to follow in His footsteps, committing to care for our flock and to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Let’s be faithful in fulfilling our responsibility as shepherds and be eager to being shepherded by others.

Let’s go on a journey to learn how to walk in the way of the shepherd.