Top 10 Book Recommendations              

1. Winning the War in Your Mind \ Craig Groeshel

Mental health struggles are real. For far too long we have been dismissing this issue as something we can just get over. That is not the case, we need the Holy Spirit to help us overcome while at the same time understanding our body’s design so we can find wholeness and healing.

2. The Wealthy Barber \ David Chilton

Finances can be daunting, but they do not have to be. This is a delightful book to learn about fiscal responsibility from an anecdotal standpoint. This was a fun book that made a complicated topic easy to understand.

3. Foreign to Familiar \ Sarah A Lanier

This book helped my wife and I find so much understanding! Because we grew up in such diverse cultures, we had many family differences that we were trying to navigate. This book allowed us to understand a little bit more about our families based on an unexpected perspective.

4. Garden City \ John Mark Comer

Balance is so important for our culture and our personal lives. This explores that balance through the practice of sabbath rest.  This has changed the way we approach the week-by-week habits of our family and has brought a much-needed rest to our lives.

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