Top Book Recommendations              

1. The Promise Principle \ Phillip Hunter

I might be a little biased, because it was written by my brother. But this is an incredible book and guide on how to receive the promises of scripture and pray them daily.  We have everything we need for life and godliness through the promises of God, and the promise principle is an incredible guide on how to pray God’s promises and experience the fullness of God’s character in your life.

2. Gaining by Loosing \ J.D. Greear

This book began to reshape the way that I thought about church. The success and health of a church isn’t about getting more and more people to come into a building. The success and health of the church is about how many people we can send out to expand the kingdom of God all around the world.

3. Sticky Leaders \ Larry Osborne

This book was huge in my development as a leader. Failure doesn’t have to be final, in fact, every failure is a lesson.  If you use the language of experimentation in your vision casting, you can actually fail forward rather than be set back by your failure.  If you are wanting to grow as a leader and vision caster, I definitely recommend this book.

4. The Bait of Satan \ John Bevere

The bait of Satan exposes just that… the bait that Satan tries to lure us with in taking up the right of offense towards someone else. We often think that following Jesus is about giving up our wrongs, but it is actually about giving up our rights, and that includes the right of offense. If you want to be challenged to be moved off of bitterness and unforgiveness, this book will definitely do just that.

5. Ablaze for God \ Wesley L. Duewel

This should be the desire of every believer’s heart. To be ablaze for God! This book shows you that the way you set your heart ablaze is through prayer.  As we have been journeying towards being a praying church, the Lord used this book to move me towards being a praying person privately and not just publicly.  If you want to grow in your prayer life, this is a great book to encourage you in that direction.

Bonus: The Mark of the Lion Series \ Francine Rivers

I’ve never read a book that I couldn’t put down, until I read these 3 books. It is historical fiction, set at the beginnings of the church in the first century. Although it is fiction, it made the New Testament come alive and challenged me to fall more in love with Jesus.


What are you reading this season?  (Idea is to refresh per half or per quarter) 

The Presence of God \ R.T. Kendall

I am continually learning that there is nothing more important in my life than experiencing the presence of God through the filling of the Holy Spirit! I am excited to learn more about how to abide and experience his presence in my life daily!