Top 10 Book Recommendations

1. Ablaze for God \ Wesley Duewel

This was one of the most challenging, convicting, and practical books I’ve ever read about how to burn with passion for Almighty God.

2. Developing the Leader’s Heart \ Dr. Bill Lawrence

This is a great, concise book about how Jesus shaped the disciples to be leaders who changed the world.

3. Live No Lies \ Levi Lusko

Satan is the father of lies and since he is ruling the world we live in (for a time), book helps you understand what his most common lies are, and how to fight back with the truth of God.

4. Loonshots \ Safi Bahcall

This book was recommended to me by someone much smarter than me and I loved it because it’s about the little discoveries in history that had a huge impact on wars, diseases, and world economies.

5. Blink \ Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is another of my favorite authors, I enjoy all of his books. He is able to see things from a different perspective and tell fascinating stories. This book describes the innate ability that many people have to read people and situations.

6. Prisoners of Geography \ Tim Marshall

This is an interesting book about how countries are shaped by their geography and are either limited or advantaged based on where their lines were drawn.

7. Halftime \ Bob Buford

This is a must read for anyone in their 40s or 50s who wants to make the most impact in the second half of their life.

8. Didn’t See it Coming \ Carey Nieuwhof

Carey is one of the great thought leaders in church, business, and cultural trends. His books and podcast are a must for anyone interested in staying on top of what’s happening in spiritual and leadership space.

9. Rules of Civility & The Lincoln Highway \ both by Amor Towles

Amor Towles is one of my favorite authors because his writing is so clever. I have to pause multiple times in his books because I will come across a line that is too good to read just once.

10. A Fine Balance \ Rohinton Mistry

This is an older book written by an Indian author and it takes a hard look at life in India, especially for those in the lowest caste. It is a really good and challenging read and helps me understand more about what my daughter might have experienced without coming into our family.

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