Angela Kwak

Associate Mobilization Pastor

My name is Angela Kwak and I grew up in the beautiful evergreen state of Washington, in which I attended University of Washington for my undergraduate education. I grew up seeking for what truth was because my mom and dad believed in different religions. Thankfully my mom was a Christian, who took me to church. I learned that truth is a person named Jesus, who saved me through his marvelous grace. Since then, I have had a passion for ministry and dedicating my life completely to God.

For this reason, I entered Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to be better equipped and to advance God’s kingdom. Although I am in class most of the time, I am so thankful for the ways that Fielder Church will equip me experientially. I am passionate for discipleship, since this is something that I see is being lost in the midst of programs and emotionally driven conferences. These things are not bad in itself, but I have observed how these things produce short term results without true lasting transformations. Privileged to learn how to inhale and exhale the gospel and make disciples who do the same.

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