Discipleship Groups

It's clear from the scripture that Jesus called his followers to make disciples. However, most of us today don't even know how to make disciples because we've never actually been discipled. Discipleship Groups at Fielder are the key to learning how to make disciples and doing the work of making disciples. They are gender-based groups of 3-5 people who are continually being taught to obey what Christ commanded (Matt 28:20). They involve high accountability and intentional learning. Through these D-Groups, the DNA of inhaling and exhaling the gospel is embedded in the church along with the means to make disciples who do the same. 

There are 3 types of D-Groups

  • Foundation D-Group- Studying the basics of what it means to be a Christian. 
  • Growth D-Group- How to study the Word of God on your own. 
  • Leadership D-Group- Those who are ready to take on leadership within Fielder Church. 

To sign up for a D-Group click here.