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Voice of Truth–Vitalie & Inna Belibov

ABOUT US: Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe that has its roots in the former U.S.S.R. It is the poorest country in Europe, and many adults cannot find adequate work to provide for their families.  This has caused many families to release their children to government and private orphanages, which has led to an orphan crisis.

In this midst of this crisis, God has raised up a man to make a difference. Vitalie Belibov has given his life to rescuing orphans. Vitalie and his wife, Inna, and their 4 children have opened their home to teenage boys who don’t fit in the government’s orphan care system. They usually have 10-12 boys living with them in their home. They treat these boys as if they were their own children. They provide them with shelter, clothes, food, education and medical care.

But rescuing orphaned boys is not the end goal. Vitalie sees this as an opportunity to make disciples of Jesus. Disciples who will make disciples. Disciples who are becoming an army of Christ-followers pushing back the gates of hell in Moldova.

In 2016 God led Vitalie to plant Voice of Truth Moldovan church made up mostly of orphaned boys and girls. Through Voice of Truth, rescued orphans are finding hope and salvation in Jesus. As they grow in discipleship, Vitalie is giving them opportunities to lead at the church.


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