14 Goals

IN 2026...

1. There will be at least 10,000 people in discipleship groups.

2. We will give away around $6,000,000 that year alone to other causes that help people experience the grace of Jesus.

3. We will have 6 unique campuses of our church around the Metroplex.

4. We will take 4 Sundays a year to worship God through loving service to the city.

5. Each of our small groups will serve others at least monthly as a group.

6. We will adopt and invest in 10 local schools with more than 500 volunteers.

7. More than 1,000 children will have been adopted or fosterparented through our church.

8. More than 500 people will come to Christ and be baptized that year alone.

9. We will pray for the salvation of more than 30,000 unbelievers by name each week as a church.

10. We will invite more than 5,000 unbelievers into our homes each month for no other reason than to be good friends and neighbors to them.

11. We will have participated in the planting of more than 60 churches around the world (in the US and beyond).

12. We will have sent more than 1,400 of our people to plant churches or expand the mission of God in other places.

13. We will have 100 of our people serving as global missionaries around the world.

14. No one culture will make up more than 50% of our church.