Fielder 5

These are more than values. This is our mode of operation, and it’s how we will accomplish the audacious vision God has given Fielder. 

1. We invest so we can send

We’re not in the business of cashing in our investment by growing more leaders to stay inside of our walls. We’re here to invest in people, grow them spiritually, help them become who God has created them to be and send them out to do more of the same.

2. We choose radical generosity

When it comes to our relationships, our finances, our careers; we’re not afraid to put aside preferences and our comfort to pursue what matters most to God. That’s why we’re generous with our talent and our resources ... even when it hurts. 

3. We pursue imperfect people.

We’re not here to be a group of Christians getting fat on religion. That’s why our priority is to find people who are far from God, live with them through their mess and let relationships, not religion change their life. And our relentless pursuit of those far from God is why we live intentionally with them in mind.

4. We expand by planting

We’re convinced that the most effective way to expand is by taking the church to people, not just building larger facilities and asking them to come to where we are. Much like the model of the early church, our expansion strategy puts Christ and the Church right where people are living. 

5. We embrace differences

Whether it’s the color of our skin, the languages we speak, our spiritual background, or socioeconomic status; it’s always been our diversity that makes us stronger. Because we embrace differences, this means we make room for different opinions, ideas, and methods. Everyone is unique, and everyone is required to making a Kingdom difference.